The History of Our Church

A group of Methodists was organized in the Milton community in 1790 and the first meetings were held in private homes.
On July 7, 1801, the group initiated the subscription of funds to establish a permanent place of worship.
A parcel of land was purchased on Chestnut Street in 1802 “on a rising ground beautifully situated for that purpose.” A frame chapel was then erected and given the name Goshen Church that was later incorporated in 1807.
In 1874, land was purchased on Federal Street to build a new church which was completed in 1879.
The property was sold and the church building moved. The land eventually became part of the cemetery.
The congregation grew throughout the 1950’s and a larger church became necessary, so the land on Mulberry Street was purchased in 1960.
The cornerstone for the new building was placed on Sunday, October 1961 and the current church building opened on April 22, 1962.